Stop Smoking Recorded Treatment Tale

I use EFT as my main method of helping ex-smokers-to-be kick the habit. EFT stands for emotional Freedom Techniques. In the hope of attracting more clients to seek treatment with this wonderful method, I set about a new experiment in marketing, with surprising results.

To start, let me tell you a bit of background. Those looking for EFT for stopping smoking may well be very skeptical. After all, you do no not get all and sundry swearing by EFT as the method that helped them. Of course, that is because more people know other methods like hypnosis, quite sim[ply because it has been around for longer. But mostly people are skeptical about the use of EFT to stop smoking because by then they will have probably tried everything else and they only consider EFT as a last resort. Naturally, if everything else has failed, the logic is that surely EFT will too. So, in search for a totally believable testimonial, I found two clients who were happy to have the whole of their treatment recorded for all to hear.

I wanted potential clients to hear just how the treatment was progressing, so that they could understand exactly how they will … Read More